Common Sense REBORN Devotion

Good morning! I usually take Sunday’s off from blogging, but I am currently stuck at work with nothing else to do but share some words with y’all. Happy Father’s Day (again) to all you Dad’s out there! Being a Father is an incredible blessing and an enormous task, but worth every headache and heartbreak to raise children capable of changing the world.

Today also marks America’s first observance of Juneteenth! While Savannah had made it a recognized holiday back in 2020, it would take another year before President Biden signed it into Federal Legislation. And now a year later, we are here celebrating the day which marked full freedom for all enslaved servants in the United States. And while June 19th, known as Freedom Day, was a huge milestone for African-Americans, our brown-skinned brothers and sisters would have to endure over 100 more years of segregation and racism. Racism that still exists in much smaller pockets today.

A stunning sunrise over the Savannah River this morning.

Last night I worked that security event on River Street I had mentioned yesterday. When I arrived to start my shift, Savannah was hopping. Thousands of visitors were reveling in the weekend festivities. The Jamaican DJ at Rousakis Riverfront Plaza was mixing some great Reggaeton. People were dancing, singing, moving to the music, shopping, laughing. It was a beautiful array of God’s people. The night slowly simmered down and I was able to witness the beauty of the stunning sunrise, pictured above, a gift from the Father to remind me how amazing this world is. A reminder of how easy this life was meant to be for us. How if we just loved God and took care of creation, we could be thriving on a healthy planet. And if we loved all people, as Jesus loved us, we would celebrate the beautiful diversity of all God’s children, each and everyday.

So as you celebrate your Dad’s out there and the day all of America became free, don’t forget to thank your Heavenly Father for all He has done, is doing, and will do to continue to bless His children. Have a wonderful day!

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