Common Sense REBORN Devotion

May 20

Becoming a peacemaker requires that we have first been brought into peace with God through the forgiveness that comes by grace through faith in Jesus.  (Gray, Derwin  “The Good Life” pg. 166)

Day 86 of Russia’s war on Ukraine.  Lot’s of breaking news emerging in the conflict in Eastern Europe.  However, I want to share this story (click here) from the AP News because it is another gut-wrenching piece of important journalism that brings readers into a more personal understanding of how horrible this war is.

Today and tomorrow we will be taking a quick look at Chapter Eight of Dr. Derwin Gray’s book, “The Good Life.”  In Chapter Eight, Dr. Gray focuses on the Beatitude where Jesus spoke the words, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called Sons of God” (Matthew 5:9).  What I really like about Dr. Gray’s writing is that he points out the true course of being a peacemaker, and the challenges we face attempting to bring peace in this broken world.

I worked some off-duty this week at our Tax Collector Office.  It blows my mind that this government office is willing to pay quite a lot of money to have a police officer standing by because of the behavior of the general public.  It was easy work, thankfully, but at one point, a man that was waiting to renew his tag, or pay for a new title, came up to me and thanked me for being a police officer.  He said to me, “without you guys this world would be chaos.  You hold the line between order and disaster.”  I smiled and nodded.  But police officers are not always the peacemakers. Unfortunately, more often than making peace, they are strictly enforcing laws.  Do you know who the real peacemakers are? Do you know who holds the line between order and disaster?  You do.  You are a peacemaker because most likely you have influence over the youth of this age.  I believe that good parenting, strong mentoring, and solid education is the surest way to keep this world from falling into chaos.  If every child was raised to have the right morals, a true conscience, and an accurate knowledge of God and Jesus, we would never need police officers to patrol our streets to enforce hundreds of laws.

Last night, our son graduated from Pre-K, leaving an era of brilliant teaching at a wonderful Christian private school.  It has been a very expensive education but worth every penny.  It has been a difficult decision to not keep him at this school for as long as he can be there.  Having them integrate Biblical teaching, prayer, and Jesus into the regular curriculum of Pre-K has been incredibly important in his upbringing.  It’s tragic that he will soon be losing all the Biblical teaching in his day-to-day school as he enters the public school system.  We will see if how deep these roots of Christian upbringing has taken in his soul, but Mrs. Z and I will double-down on our teaching at home and our prayers to keep him centered with his heart always on the true Teacher of Life and Love.

I say all this because our greatest responsibility as we grow older is to raise the younger generations in the rays of the Son.  To become a Peacemaker, you have to gather your children, your nieces and nephews, your friends with children, any youth you have influence over, and point them into the direction of Jesus.  Make sure these children see an accurate representation of His love in your life everyday, and do all you can to teach them the truth of His grace, mercy, and what living a righteous life looks like.  Be a peacemaker who brings lasting peace by raising an entire generation to live like Jesus.

Mr. Brandon Lake released his newest project, ten racks that range from bass pumping, guitar ripping riffs to soulful crooning by our favorite Christian artist.  I really wanted to share the final song off this great album because it features Mr. Lake’s children and it fits in perfectly to this message, but he has not released that track to YouTube yet.  So instead, click on the image below to hear the intro track to “Help!” and enjoy a much different sound for a very familiar message. 

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