Common Sense REBORN Devotion

May 12

Imagine how different our communities, nations, and world would be if we walked in the mercy and unity of Jesus.  (Gray, Derwin  “The Good Life” pg. 127)

Day 78 of Russia’s war on Ukraine.  The desperate wives of the trapped soldiers of the Mariupol Steel Mill went before the Pope to plea for intervention.  Now, the single greatest representative of the Catholic faith has been put on the hot seat.  It is heartbreaking that all the families of these men will have to stand by and watch their loved ones be massacred.  AP News also wrote an intimate piece on the war crimes that were committed in Bucha and the high cost on civilians the Russian Army has been inflicting.

I hate to rush this post, but I have a lot going on, as I am sure most of you do.  If you never purchased Dr. Derwin Gray’s “The Good Life”, you are missing out.  This week, following the reading plan, we are finishing Chapter Six, “Happy Are The Merciful,” where Dr. Gray presents the argument that we have all been shown the greatest form of mercy through Jesus’ death on the Cross, the least we should do is pass that mercy onto those around us.  As Dr. Gray wrote in the line above:  “Imagine how different our communities, nations, and world would be if we walked in the mercy and unity of Jesus”.  Imagine if the Christian nations around the world actually loved others like Jesus teaches us to do.  If the Russian Orthodox Christian nation had any real inkling of being a true government that followed the calling of Christ, none of this awful war would have ever begun.  If we all held mercy in our hearts each and every day, we would consume our time and energy helping the most hurt and vulnerable around us. 

The message of Jesus is simple: Love God and Love everyone else as you would love yourself. It’s a simple calling, to bring a simple Kingdom of love down to earth. Bryan & Katie Torwalt, one of Christian Music’s biggest powerhouse couples teamed with half of another powerhouse couple, Mr. Cody Carnes, on their newest single. I really wish Cody’s wife, the great Kari Jobe, would have joined the trio on this song. It is a great new anthem about the simple love of Jesus and His desire to bring His kingdom here on earth, and to have that kingdom be accurately reflected by the Church.

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