Common Sense REBORN Devotion

April 28

Jesus of Nazareth was the happiest person who ever lived.  He is the ultimate portrait of the good life.  He is the prototype of what humanity was meant to be.  (Gray, Derwin  “The Good Life” pg. 7)

Day 64 of Russia’s war on Ukraine.  Click here to read the latest updates regarding Ukraine’s continued victories against the much larger, but obviously highly unprepared, Russian aggressors.  This war against Ukraine has done one thing successfully for Russia, it has shown the world how unimpressive its military is.  Continue to pray for the Ukrainian forces, that God keeps them motivated, well-armed, and able to protect their country and civilians.

In the excerpt above from Dr. Derwin Gray’s first chapter of “The Good Life,” Dr. Gray states that Jesus Christ was the “happiest person who ever lived”.  This may seem hard to believe because Jesus suffered so much, and I am not just referring to His last days before He was hung on a tree.  He suffered for all of us His entire ministry.  He saw the religious elite betray God’s teachings.  He witnessed the persecution of the poor, sick, disabled by God’s chosen lineage.  He could not even count on His most trusted Disciple to stand-up for Jesus’ name on the day of His greatest persecution.  Yet, Dr. Gray is right, Jesus was the happiest person who ever lived because He saw what many of us can not: the goodness of every person He interacted with, the wonders of God’s creation, and Jesus knew what waited on the other side of this world.

Dr. Gray does a marvelous job using The Beatitudes to accurately teach where true happiness should be sought.  I just finished reading Chapter 3, which we will discuss next week, and Dr. Gray presented a truth I had never in my 41-years on this Earth thought of.  I can not wait to discuss it with you on Monday.

Happiness is an interesting desire we feel we should always be entitled to.  As a child, it does not take much to make us happy.  But even children can be set up for a miserable adult life if they are always given whatever they want, just to keep them happy for a short period of time.  The more this is done, the harder and harder it is to keep them happy.

For the next five weeks, while studying Dr. Gray’s book, we are looking at where and how to find true happiness.  It is ironic that the country who built “the pursuit of Happiness” in our initial Declaration of Independence, keeps missing the mark as one of the happiest countries in the world.  While the fact that the world is even doing “Happiest Countries in the World” lists is a discussion in itself (and one we may have in the coming weeks), I am not surprised that America has never been in the top ten of the happiest countries in the world.  Click here to see an article on America’s ranking from last year.  Click here to see the entire list.  

One way to improve happiness here in America is to teach a more accurate understanding of the Gospel, and that is the goal of this ministry, Common Sense REBORN, and the goal of Dr. Gray’s writing.  Building your life, your family, and your home on the accurate word of God is the only way to keep your feet planted on the solid rock of true happiness.  Ms. Anne Wilson puts this fact into another beautiful song in “This House.”  Click the image below to hear for yourself.

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