Common Sense REBORN Devotion

April 25

I love Derwin Gray.  He is a dear friend and cherished brother in Christ, but those things, as wonderful as they are, would not have wooed me out of foreword-writing retirement.  I accepted this privilege and carved out the space for three reasons.  First, this guy is one of the most effective Chrstian leaders I have ever encountered, and I want people to know about him and flourish under his influence.  Second, he shares Christ’s passion for the multi-ethnic church and has the gifted wherewithal to help willing people move that direction.  Third, The Good Life is a great book and demonstrates the author’s glorious preoccupation with Christ and his gospel, a preoccupation God wills for every person of faith.  (Moore,Bet.  “The Good Life” Foreword pg. XVII)

Day 61 of Russia’s war on Ukraine.  I am sorry to begin each post with an update from the tragic, senseless war that is happening on the other side of the world.  But I feel it is important to remind us, especially we Americans, how lucky we are.  How God has gifted us with security and opportunity to go forth and proclaim the Good News of the Gospel to the world, especially the ancient world that seems to be moving further and further away from the truth.  I have a lot to share today, click here for an update on Russia’s War against Ukraine.

Today begins our two month study of Dr. Derwin Gray’s work.  This month we tackle his first book:  The Good Life.  In June, we will be looking at his most recent publication, How to Heal Our Racial Divide, a book that this country has desperately needed.  I wanted to share with you the intro written by the great Beth Moore.  Her initial words echo how Mrs. Z and I have fallen in love with Dr. Derwin Gray.  If you read “God, Do You Hear Me?” at the beginning of the year, you already know what an amazing writer, and Man of God, Dr. Gray is.  If you have not yet taken my advice and begun following this humble hero for Christ, I beg you to click here and get your own copy of The Good LifeYou are going to love this read and the word Dr. Gray has about finding true happiness.

That’s your reading assignment for the week.  Here is the one thing you MUST watch this week:  yesterday’s sermon from Elevation Church.  Pastor Steven Furtick brings yet another word of straight anointing.  Click the image below, watch and be blessed.

So you have your reading assignment, The Good Life, your watching assignment, The Facts Aren’t Final, now, I want to help cover all possible forms of entertainment to keep you busy with the right forms of inspiration this week.  Very rarely do I dedicate a whole week to one artist, but I have discovered a new album that has brought me to a screeching halt.  Luckily, this album was the last thing I previewed after listening to the entire New Music Christian playlist on Spotify, every single, and even the handful of EPs, from Life.Church’s triumphant worship EP, to Planetboom’s new banger of hits. I had completely forgotten that Friday was the date of Anne Wilson’s DEBUT album: My Jesus.  Well, just as Mrs. Z and I are superfans of everyone else mentioned in this post, we absolutely adore this young lady.  And I think that after this week and hearing the songs she has released for the world, you will be a fan for life as well.  Followers of this post should be very familiar with Ms. Wilson, from her initial debut, record-breaking title track, My Jesus, to the recent hits I shared last month, we’ve been following this beautiful soul for the last year when she exploded onto the Christian music scene.  I have to admit, when she released the first half of the album last month, I did not think that she’d be able to top those hits.  Boy was I wrong.  While the rest of the album might not be as gritty and grungy as God Thing or as twangy and triumphant as Devil, Ms. Wilson PREACHES a sermon on every track.  Before we get to my personal favorite track off the album, I want to share with you Anne Wilson’s story, which you need to hear to understand the power of her conviction and why her testimony is so impactful.  The video below will change your whole perspective when you realize the Jesus she is referring to when she sings “Let me tell you about My Jesus.”

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