Common Sense REBORN Daily Devotion

February 9

King Jesus, the praise of all of heaven, steps into time and space to pour the riches of his grace upon us.  We go from spiritual poverty to endless riches in his kingdom.  The riches are not stuff.  He is the treasure.  As we treasure him, our hearts will trust him to provide for our needs.  (Gray, Derwin, “God, Do You Hear Me?” pg 183)

Good morning Family!  I am marinating in the moment today.  I just finished Dr. Derwin Gray’s masterpiece, “God, Do You Hear Me?”  I wish I could afford to put a copy of this book in the hands of every person in this country.  It is an experience.  Dr. Gray’s a fantastic human being, a humbling example of the American dream in the flesh, and a warrior for the Kingdom.  Brothers and Sisters, you have to read this book.  The chapters we are scheduled to read this week, Chapters 11 and 12, are where Dr. Gray explains in masterful words what it means to pray “Give us today our daily bread.”  Chapter 11, “Soul Food From Heaven,” is the chapter that really had me saying, “wow, wow, WOW!” as I soaked in the wisdom of this gentle giant.  I love when Dr. Gray wrote:

Why do we worry about God meeting our needs so much when he said he would?  And what can cure us of this constant worry? The cure for worry is worship.”  (Gray, Derwin, “God, Do You Hear Me?”  pg 178)

I’ve got some AMAZING new worship music to share with y’all today!  If you know me, you probably already know the name I’mma ’bout to drop.  It should be no surprise to y’all that I have had the new single from Elevation Worship on repeat since it was released last week.  But this might be a surprise what I am about to say next.  This is their best work YET.  Click on the image below, turn your computer/phone up, and clap those hands!

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