Common Sense REBORN Devotion

February 2

As a kingdom of priests, we are to personify to the world what love, reconciliation, justice, peace, and life look like under the gracious rule of Jesus in Abba’s kingdom.  (Gray, Derwin, “God, Do You Hear Me?” pg 145)

Hello Friends!  It has been a week since I last posted.  I am sorry I have been away for so long.  I would love to catch you up on all our exploits, but no one wants to read that.  What you come here to read is some inspiration to help keep you on track to be Kingdom builders in the everlasting dynasty of Jesus Christ.  This week we are finishing up Dr. Derwin Gray’s explanation of what it truly means when we pray “Your kingdom come.  Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven,” from the Lord’s Prayer.  In “God, Do You Hear Me?”, Dr. Gray is explaining, in eloquent, simple, and beautiful prose, that we are inviting the Kingdom of God to live in our souls every single day.  And as heirs to that kingdom, we have priestly roles to play to accurately portray the King’s love and authority on Earth, as we will do when we get to Heaven.

I really love this book and I hope you have bought it and are reading along.  It keeps getting better and better and I relish in being able to share these thoughts with you here.

My schedule has changed so there is no telling when I will be on here next.  But just know I will be sharing my thoughts with y’all as often as I can.  May God continue to watch over you, bless you, strengthen you, and lead you into your kingdom royalty.

I had one song I was holding out on sharing from two weeks ago, but then I got very busy and never had a chance.  My favorite worship team has been busy themselves.  Elevation Worship released what I feel is the greatest worship album ever when they teamed up with Maverick City Music last year and dropped “Old Church Basement.”  Well, the Holy Spirit is still inspiring that bunch and they are pushing out even more new music already and poised to release another new album at the beginning of March!  I can not wait!  But until then, here is their new anthem: my new favorite, called “Same God.”  Enjoy.

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