Common Sense REBORN Devotion

October 13

13“I will deliver this people from the power of the grave;

I will redeem them from death.

Where, O death, are your plagues?

Where, O grave, is your destruction?”  (Hosea 13:14) 

Hello Friends.  I was in disbelief when I sat down to write this post to see that I had not put anything together for y’all in nine days!  That was the fastest week I think I have ever lived.  It was a good week, extra training, extra work, extra time with family and friends over the long weekend.  I have been reading ahead in the Old Testament, which is becoming one prophecy after another about the sin of the ancient Hebrew nation.  As we finish the OT, I hope you notice that the one sin every prophet writes about extensively is that the Hebrews continue to turn away from God and worship other false gods.  I’ll try to highlight this truth in the coming weeks.  

But for today, we have a refreshing, beautiful verse from the prophet Hosea.  Did this verse sound familiar?  I hope it did, as we read a similar, equally popular verse back in June when we read the first letter to the Church at Corinth.  Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 15:55:

“Where, O death, is your victory?

Where, O death, is your sting?”

While this was a direct reference to Hosea 13:14, it was translated differently by Paul.  “Victory” and “sting” became the popular translation of Hosea’s verse, but in today’s current humanitarian crisis, the original meaning is much more reassuring:

“Where, O death, are your plagues?”

God’s promise is to deliver His people from the power of the grave, the power of plagues and destruction, something we are currently dealing with in real time.  So find deliverance in His promise, the promise gifted to all people by the love and grace of Jesus Christ.  Find yourself walking in full confidence that you are free from the clutches of death, a freedom to live a life without fear, without stress, without worry.  You are meant to enjoy life, love God, love people, no matter how frustrating people can be.

I am way behind on sharing media, but to avoid piling a bunch of links on you, I simply recommend everyone click here to listen to last week’s The Holy Post podcast, which was another incredible conversation.  I missed out posting new music from last week, and another Friday has come and gone.  This last set of releases was not as numerous as what we saw at the end of September, but there were some good ones.  Perhaps my favorite is this new one from JUDAH., featuring the great Dante Bowe and Aaron Moses

Reading plan:  1 Peter 1:13-25

Deeper reading plan:  Hosea 13

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