Common Sense REBORN Devotion

August 17

17Therefore this is what the Lord says:  “You have not obeyed me; you have not proclaimed freedom to your people.  So I now proclaim ‘freedom’ for you,” declares the Lord-”’freedom’ to fall by the sword, plague and famine.  I will make you abhorrent to all the kingdoms of the earth.”  (Jeremiah 34:17)

The tragedy of Afghanistan is a heartbreaking, but not surprising, end to a twenty-year experiment by the United States to improve a nation with an unwilling people.  Of course, the American people have already begun to politicize the victory of the Taliban, being quick to blame President Biden.  Yet they ignore that this victory has been in the making for the last five years, at least.  As soon as the US military stopped being the ones to lead the offensive, which was the correct course of action, the Taliban have just been waiting for this moment.  Whether it came from a Democrat or a Republican, whether it came in 2021 or 2031, the Taliban were always going to come roaring back.  If you do not see the fact that the Taliban have never had a problem with their following, their support, or their beliefs that they are willing to fight and die for, you do not see the bigger picture.  As the world has seen before our very eyes, the Afghan people were not willing to fight for the government that the US and Western nations had tried to keep afloat for the last twenty years.  That President was out of the country before the Americans were, so if they were not willing to fight and die for their own country, how can you ask that of your fellow Americans?  It’s not you that is on the battlefield.  It’s someone’s son or daughter in a foreign country, putting their lives on the line for a foreign cause.  What the world needs is a United Nations that is a real military power and steps in at times like this.  The United States does not need to be the world police, and American citizens say that all the time.  If we were to take on that role, we would be appalled at what is happening in the Tigray region of Ethiopia and we’d send troops there, for just one example.  After 20 years, hundreds of billions of dollars, and thousands of lives lost, it was time for America to let Afghanistan control their own destiny, and we have seen destiny play out.

Now we need to support the humanitarian efforts of the brave organizations that refuse to leave, such as Doctors Without Borders or the Afghan Friends Network.  We also need to demand the United Nations to be the world power they claim to be.  Any future military efforts or peacekeeping projects need to be led by a broad governing body, not just America being the torch bearer.  And please do not make this a political social media smear campaign.  The American public looks pretty dumb when a year ago they were cheering on Donald Trump when he put a date of American forces withdrawal for May 2021.  Now those same people are decrying President Biden for actually having the guts to follow through with that promise.  And if you were never there, maybe you should not be one to judge anyway.

My view from the former COP Blackfish, Nangarhar Province, circa 2019.

For our Song of the Day, here is a video of Pashtun Traditional Music with images of the beautiful, ancient, and unfortunate country of Afghanistan.

Reading plan:  1 Timothy 2:8-15

Deeper reading plan:  Jeremiah 33, 34

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