Common Sense REBORN Devotion

July 28

12For our offenses are many in your sight,

and our sins testify against us.

Our offenses are ever with us,

and we acknowledge our iniquities:

13rebellion and treachery against the Lord,

turning our backs on our God,

inciting revolt and oppression,

uttering lies our hearts have conceived.

14So justice is driven back,

and righteousness stands at a distance;

truth has stumbled in the streets,

honesty cannot enter.

15Truth is nowhere to be found,

and whoever shuns evil becomes a prey. 

The Lord looked and was displeased

that there was no justice.  (Isaiah 59:12-15)

I do not think there is a more accurate portrayal of America in the last two years as these verses above capture.  It’s amazing that the Prophet Isaiah wrote these words for the Israelite nation nearly 2,400 years ago, and yet they fit our current culture perfectly.  “Inciting revolt and oppression:”  from BLM riots to the storming of the Capitol, both sides have lost all sense of justice and righteousness.  “Uttering lies our hearts have conceived:”  from QAnon ridiculousness to the constant misinformation about COVID-19, social media has enabled us to spread our own fables far and wide.  While I fully support accountability in law enforcement, this driving back of justice we are seeing in some parts of America is highly disturbing.  We have emboldened criminals like never before.  Our “justice” system is a joke and our media, which was once the beacon of truth in America, continues to support the criminal over the cop.  It’s just been half a year since sweeping police reforms have taken place, and what’s the end result:  crime, shooting, and murders are up in every major city.  People wanted police to stand back and not be proactive, well, here you are America, here is the end result.  I am sure that the Lord is not pleased by the amount of injustice that is happening in our streets every single day.  And for all the black lives that are taken every day across America, you don’t hear a peep out of the BLM movement anymore.  As one bold Pastor out of Portland put it after hosting a “March Against Murder:”

“This park should be filled.  Because if we were talking about a police officer shot a Black man, there wouldn’t be a space for anybody to stand,” Pastor Herman Greene.  Read that article here.

So how can we possibly stop this avalanche of crime and killings across the country?  Simple:  get involved.  Support good, ethical law enforcement.  Support community outreach.  Push your church to be involved in inner city activities.  We need to refocus on America.  We need to lift up Jesus as the center of our lives and denounce the culture of violence that America has adopted in the 21st century.  We need to pour resources into early education that can break cycles of poverty and violence.  We have to stop relying on others to fix our problems.  The President can’t fix this, nor can Governors pass new laws to make it better, police can’t arrest our problems away, and preachers can not preach the sins of this world into oblivion.  We have to be the change.  Let the Lord lead you into lasting community outreach.

Reading plan:  Colossians 2

Deeper reading plan:  Isaiah 59, 60

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