Common Sense REBORN Devotional

June 19

21My mouth will speak in praise of the Lord,

Let every creature praise his holy name

for ever and ever.  (Psalm 145:21)

Happy Juneteenth Family!  I know three days ago when I posted, I stated I was going to get on here and give everyone a verse for the day all weekend, but we got extremely busy at work and I never had the chance.  Now we are on a quick trip down to Florida to see our Dad’s for Father’s Day, but I wanted to get on here today and share a word.  So the celebration of Juneteenth has become a National Holiday, which I personally think is fantastic, and long overdue.  It really is a shame and tragedy that we have not been celebrating this day as a country for decades.  Which speaks a lot about the unspoken racism that still exists in America.  But we have seen improvements and continue to see this country get on a better path.  So let’s spend the day praising our Lord and the celebration of when the great sin of slavery was finally ended in all of America.

To help celebrate, here is Maverick City Music’s Juneteenth worship album.  God Bless You all!

Reading plan:  1 Corinthians 7, 8

Deeper reading plan: Psalms 141-145

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