CSR Devotion 2021

May 13

14And if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish.  And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?”  (Esther 4:14)

Good morning Fam!  The verse above comes from tomorrow’s reading in Esther.  I apologize for the eight day break between posts.  I was really trying my best to sit down and put something together for Mother’s Day, but I ended up being too busy.  I had a blessed weekend pouring my attention into my family and my amazing wife.  It will be a few days before I return to this platform, but for today, let’s talk about Esther.

The verse above is the most quoted line of scripture from this short book.  Esther is one of my favorite books.  There are many, many amazing facets about this book.  First, it is one of only two books from the whole Bible named after a woman with the entire story revolving around that woman (the first was the book of Ruth).  Another interesting aspect of this book is that God is never referenced throughout the story, yet this is an epic story of deliverance for God’s chosen people.  While there is no other historical proof that the Persian conqueror Xerxes had a Jewish wife other than what we read in Esther, I’m sure there is a ton of research done in regards to the historical accuracy of this story.  Regardless, this is a great book of conspiracy, romance, heroics, and the underlying deliverance of that God always provides.  And, of greatest importance, we have the verse above, which reminds us that is the midst of our greatest challenges and struggles, perhaps we were created for exactly such a time.

We are all in the midst of a “time as this.”  Emerging from a moment in human history that will forever be in the history books, living in a time when the social discourse in America will be one our children and their children will read and talk about in years to come, are you stepping into your role as being a world changer?  In this time where the world needs to see the love and grace of Jesus Christ like never before, are you displaying that each and every day?  You are alive and breathing for such a time as this.  No matter how small the act or even how daunting the challenge may seem, this is your time.  Step into your destiny, share the Gospel, restore the Church.

While “Old Church Basement” has been on repeat for me since it dropped nearly two weeks ago, there were some great new singles released last Friday, as well as two wonderful albums from CAIN and JUDAH..  Today, I am sharing CAIN’s fun, amazing music video “Yes He Can.”  You can find their debut album here.  New music came out last Friday from Switchfoot, NEEDTOBREATHE, Tori Harper, Ellie Holcomb (beautiful vocals and beats on this one), and an amazing new anthem from Mandisa entitled “Ruins.”  All of which are linked to each artist above.

Lastly, here is an incredible word from another amazing woman in the story of Christ, Pastor Holly Furtick, who honored us all with her wisdom on her Mother’s Day.  Enjoy and God Bless you all.

Reading plan:  Acts 13

Deeper reading plan:  Esther 1, 2

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