March 10

16Then Naomi took the child in her arms and cared for him.  17The women living there said, “Naomi has a son!”  And they named him Obed. He was the father of Jesse, the father of David.  (Ruth 4:16, 17)

The Book of Ruth, at just four short chapters, is one of the shortest books of the Bible.  It is not the shortest book of the Bible, that title goes to the Book of Obadiah, which is just twenty-one verses.  The Book of Ruth is a redemption story, Naomi loses her husband and sons as they die in ways not explained to the reader. Ruth is one of Naomi’s daughter-in-laws, and despite Ruth being from a different land and race (the Moabites), Ruth does a generous act of compassion and dedicates her life to helping Naomi.  Of great Biblical importance is that we see the little city of Bethlehem as an important setting in this story.  Naomi and her husband are from Bethlehem and that is where she and Ruth return to, and Ruth meets Boaz.  They marry and Ruth bears Obed, the son mentioned above who will grow up to be the grandfather of David.  Despite losing her husband and sons, in the end Naomi is given the gift of Obed, her first grandson. If you do not know the significance of this David, you will be reading about him as this month progresses on.  But before you get there, here’s a marvelous sermon about David and confidence from Pastor Steven Furtick.

I’ve got a busy schedule ahead of me this month, a very good kind of busy. I had to get on here and share with you the sermon above and the podcast below.  Both are well worth the time invested in watching them. This week’s Holy Post podcast from Veggie Tales creater, Phil Vischer, features a very compelling interview from one of my favorite Christian musicians, the great one: Lecrae.

I’ll be updating as I can.  I hope you are keeping up with the reading of the Bible.  I really love the Gospel of Luke, so many extra parables and magnificent detail in the conversations from Jesus.  The last bit of media I want to share today is Sanctus Real’s latest single, a great reminder that “My God Is Still The Same.”

Reading plan:  Luke 7:18-50

Deeper reading plan:  1 Samuel 4-7

Prayer focus:  as the world returns to a new normal, pray that we never forget the lessons learned from 2020 and the reminder of how fragile our mortality is. Pray that America has a spiritual awakening, learns to walk in the truth of loving God and loving all of mankind, and we light the final fire of revival this world desperately needs.

Keep reading and keep training!

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