CSR Daily Devotion

Happy Sunday Y’all! I did not forget about you, we just had an extremely busy Sunday, starting with serving at church and beginning our month long lessons on the birth of Jesus and the true meaning of Christmas. Then we spent the day enjoying the beauty of our beloved city, Savannah, GA. If you have never been to Savannah, Christmas is a wonderful time to visit. Here’s an example of the beauty of this historic gem.

The fountain at Forsyth Park is all decked out for the holidays!

Today we reach the top #20 on my countdown. A couple of classics by some of Christian music’s biggest stars.

Lauren Daigle lends her talent to Christ Tomlin’s Christmas Album “Adore.”

The second song today is another powerful ballad by Ms. Britt Nicole. Both her and Ms. Daigle have been blessed with such beautiful vocals I am so thankful they devoted that talent back to honoring their Heavenly Father. Enjoy.

December 6

11”You are worthy, our Lord and God,

to receive glory and honor and power,

for you created all things,

and by your will they were created

and have their being.”  (Revelation 4:11)

Building from the fantastic beasts yesterday, John witnesses the 24 elders in a constant cycle of falling down before God’s throne and worshipping His name over and over with the words above.  Again, a powerful image to picture:  four majestic beasts, covered in eyes, surrounded by 24 elders in white and gold crowns.  Every time the beasts give God praise saying “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God almighty, who was, and is, and is to come,” after this praise all 24 elders fall down and say the verses we read today.  An endless cycle.  I wonder how long John watched this loop before he found himself in the events that happened in Chapter 5.

Routine and repetition are good, but don’t let prayer and praise ever get to a point where it is just following daily motions.  Fall to your knees every day and praise the Lord God Almighty.  He was, is, and is to come, and to Him all our praise rests.

Reading plan:  Revelation 6

Deeper reading plan: Zechariah 2

Prayer and meditation:  This month we pray that the world comes together to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  We pray that the miracle of the child in the manger changes this world forever, as it should have nearly 2000 years ago.

Fitness challenge:  Rest

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