CSR Daily Devotion

Good Morning Friends! Today marks the close to our study of the Canonical Gospels of the Holy Bible. I recently finished reading one of the “lost” gospels, The Gospel of Nicodemus, which is a mysterious author’s imaginative description of “the Harrowing of Hell.” My father sent the book to me after I wrote the Holy Saturday Daily Devotion and gave my short vision of how I thought Jesus defeated satan and death following His crucifixion. You can find a lot of discussion over these non-canonical Gospels that did not make the cut when the final version of the Holy Bible was finally decided on in 367 A.D. I have included a link to a good read over how the books of the Holy Bible were decided on here. My advice to y’all is to read as much as you can! Once you finish the Holy Bible, why not read both the Apocryphal and Gnostic Gospels? I enjoyed the Gnostic texts, and just recently the Gospel of Nicodemus, because they offer some small insights into the bigger picture of the miracle of Jesus Christ. Such as in the Gospel of Nicodemus, the author points out that because the fall of mankind began with a tree where satan deceived Adam, the redemption of mankind ended with a tree where Jesus defeated satan. Wow! I had never thought of that until I read it in one of these “lost” gospels. Keep reading, researching, learning. I pray your quest for knowledge is as insatiable as Jesus’ love for you.

April 30

25Jesus did many other things as well.  If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.   (John 21:25)

It was hard to find the right verse to close out our month of studying the Gospel of John.  I hope I was able to teach you all something new.  I have a new appreciation for this book as I studied it more in this month than I had ever before.  I do love how John closed out this Gospel.  It always makes me wonder exactly all that Jesus did in His next forty days throughout the ancient world of Israel.  According to this verse from John, Jesus did so many miracles that if someone had recorded them all, the world would have not had enough books to contain so many works.  I sure wish someone had tried.  Instead, history and the world is left to speculate on what these wonders of Jesus were.

Today marks the end of the Holy Bible’s Canonical Gospels.  These four books are not the only Gospels written about the life of Jesus.  I have mentioned the Gnostic Gospels before and I will continue to recommend them as a companion reading to the Holy Bible.  There are also the Apocryphal Gospels, which I have not read, but would love to in the near future.  Which brings me to my last point for this month:  you need to follow this plan through!  If you have never read the Bible cover-to-cover, this devotional is breaking the Bible up into daily reading plans.  Reading the Old Testament and New Testament together over one year is not very difficult to do, but it does take commitment.  If you followed the deeper reading plan this month, we really got after it and finished off what I feel are the last of the difficult books of the Old Testament to read.  Thank you for your commitment to this devotional and I can’t wait to share with you the wisdom and insight we’ll discover in the rest of the New Testament!

Reading plan: Reflect on the beauty and wonder of the Gospel of John

Deeper reading plan:  2 Chronicles 32-36

Prayer and meditation:  Pray for the sick, pray for the lost and their loved ones.  Pray for redemption for this lost world.  Pray for a reviving rattle to shake COVID off this planet.  And continue to pray for all those in medical professions, grocery stores, supply chain operators, first responders, and the amazing teachers still doing all they can to teach the students they love so much.

Fitness challenge:  Distance running day.  Get out and see how far you can go.  Run for at least 28 minutes.

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