CSR Daily Devotion


I apologize that this Daily Devotion is uncharacteristically short and without much of the narrative I usually post. My computer seems to be infected with Coronavirus and after spending all my time trying to troubleshoot it this morning, I am sending this DD out via my phone. The devil’s trying to prevent me from sharing this music video.

This new song from Elevation Worship is exactly what church should look like (once the COVID-19 scare is gone and congregations start meeting again). A packed Worship house, an electric crowd, a thousand-plus people singing and dancing for God. This song is my new anthem, I hope it become yours and you celebrate God turning “graves into gardens, bones into armies, and seas into highways.”


Reading plan: Luke 13:1-21

Deeper reading plan: 1 Samuel 23-25

Prayer and meditation: Continue to pray for your Day 1 miracle and pray for an end to COVID-19.

Fitness challenge: 3 sets of our 7×14 body weight exercises.

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