CSR Daily Devotion

It’s Worship Wednesday Friends! I hope you find the chance today to spend some time in worship for our mighty King and Glorious God. I pray a blessing over all who read this. Have a marvelous day!

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March 11

49”Why were you searching for me?” he asked.  “Didn’t you know I had to be in my Father’s house?”  50But they did not understand what he was saying to them.  (Luke 2:49-50)

When I was first writing about this passage, I wanted to focus on Jesus the smart aleck 12-year old who snaps back at His parents.  Mary has just let Jesus know how worried she and Joseph had been and this was their son’s reply:

“Why were you searching for me?”

As a parent, when I read these verses, I, initially, went right to the defense of Mary and Joseph.   I looked at 12-yo Jesus as an arrogant, disrespectful youth.  But that perspective took away from the bigger picture, and how these verses can relate to the underlying message many are trying to get across to America these days.  So instead of writing about how Jesus acted when His parents finally found Him three days later, I want to focus on what got Jesus to where He was at.

Jesus grew up in a time with far less distractions than what the children in our world are having to battle.  While there was no YouTube, no Snap Chat, no FaceBook, there were plenty of distractions to keep Jesus from being the young man we see before us in these verses.  Jesus was so well versed in the Jewish Bible; He was able to engage the elders of the Temple at Jerusalem for three days.  Have you ever considered what kind of childhood Jesus lived to hold that kind of wisdom at just twelve years of age?  We cannot think that all this came simply because Jesus was the Son of God.  This took years of teaching and studying, which meant that Mary and Joseph were able to supply Jesus with access to some form of the Bible.  I would imagine the only copy of the Bible sat at every Temple, and that was only reserved for the High Priest, so somehow Jesus was able to study those texts.  Joseph was a carpenter, which means he may have been able to send Jesus to a school to teach Him more about the Jewish faith.  Or, maybe, and this is for all the parents out there, maybe Jesus was so well versed because Joseph and Mary WERE so well versed in the Jewish law!  God chose those two for a reason.  Mary was chosen not just for her purity, but also because she had “found favor with God”(Luke 1:30) and Joseph “was faithful to the law”(Matthew 1:19).  Mary and Joseph had dedicated their lives to raising Jesus the right way, teaching Him about His place in this world, passing down the stories of the Jewish faith, and raising Him to love others as no one had loved people before.

We seem to have forgotten to raise our children with the knowledge and wisdom of who they are in this world.  They are all children of God, adopted into the greatest family, with a Holy lineage that stretches the span of mankind.  While there is only one true Son of God, we are all brothers and sisters in their eternal family.  Do not let your children forget that fact.  Talk to them about it.  Talk to them about the truth in the Bible.  Talk to them about the two most important goals they should strive for in their lives:  to love God above everything, and then to love every other person on this Earth just as much.  If we can do that, if we can focus on just those two things, we could easily make a lasting change and be the final revival this world needs.

Reading plan:  Luke 8

Deeper reading plan:  1 Samuel 8-10

Prayer and meditation:  continue to pray for your request from day 1 and thank God for the glory of His ultimate plan to redeem mankind.

Fitness challenge:  3 sets of our 7×14 challenge.  This week, do nice, controlled, slow repititions:

1.  Standard push-up                2.  Sit-up or crunches

3.  Air squats                                4.  Hand-release push-up

5.  Leg lifts                                    6.  Lunges (7-each leg)

7.  4-count flutter kicks

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