CSR Daily Devotion

Happy Thirsty Thursday! If you were here last week, I explained that by calling these entries “thirsty” I was not referring to our current generation’s definition, but of the thirst for the Word of God and that drink of eternal water Jesus promised the Samaritan woman at the well. Today I feel like my cup is running over with that Holy Drank to help fill your soul.

Last night we heard an incredible word from our home church that I can not wait to share with you once they upload it to the internet. We are beginning a new series called “Generation to Generation” and they kicked it off by having the student ministry lead worship and serve as ushers, then one of the youth pastors gave a stirring word that seemed like he read the cliff notes of Common Sense Reborn and turned it into a one hour sermon. While I wish that were the case, no one is reading that book, but what I am confident about is that God is calling out to His people like never before to get us all to stand up and speak out against all the distractions of this culture. Salvation’s Tide is rising, we will win this war.

Click to hear our Passion song of the day.

I also urge everyone, if you have time to listen to the sermon linked below, sit down and soak in this message. As I have stated on here before, I just happen to have around a 30-60 (traffic dependent) minute drive to work every morning, so I fill my trips home with my favorite sermons, and when I hear a good word I share it. This week there’s been a lot of amazing preaching going on. This message from Pastor Michael Todd is another must hear sermon. Enjoy.

Click here to watch Transformation Church’s latest sermon.

February 27

31”The second is this:  ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’  There is no commandment greater than these.”  (Mark 12:31)

Yesterday and today we refocused on the two greatest commandments per Jesus Christ.  Notice that these two were not in the original Ten Commandments which were the first written set of rules God gave the world.  While the Ten Commandments are a good guideline to help us be better people, these two Commandments from Jesus are the two we should always be focused on:  loving God with our entire self, and loving people as we love God.  If you could master these two Commandments, all the other laws and commandments would be satisfied.  If you loved your neighbor as yourself, you would not lie, you would not covet what they had over what you have, you would not commit adultery, you would not steal from them, and you would definitely not murder.  If you loved God with your entire being you would easily serve only God; you would not ever take His name in vain; and you would not worship false idols.

Jesus gives us two commandments that easily help us follow those first ten laws God gave to Moses as a covenant to His chosen people.  The New Testament teaches us that Jesus is the final covenant, and He provides the only path to Heaven and God.  No one sees the Father but through the Son.  So we need to focus our energy on simply following these two commandments:  LOVE GOD, LOVE OTHERS.

Reading plan:  Mark 15:21-47

Deeper reading plan:  Joshua 18-20

Prayer and meditation:  continue to pray for your request from day 1 and pray for Jesus to help you love all your neighbors as you love yourself.

Fitness challenge:  Distance Run day.  Get out and pound the pavement for at least 21 minutes. 

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