CSR Daily Devotion

Yesterday I talked about my love of music and I mentioned the upcoming Passion Music release that will be in two weeks. Then this morning I was asking myself if I should spend the next 13 days sharing nothing but Passion songs to build up to the release of Roar. The answer to that is obvious.

This song popped into the Passion radio channel Spotify creates and I know that for the next two weeks, if I’m not sharing a stirring sermon, I’ll be sharing a song from Passion. I use YouTube because it’s the only way I know how to share music on this platform. I prefer to stream music in every other situation. If you are on Spotify, this is a great playlist: This is Passion. If you are not an avid fan of Christian/Worship music, my goal is to convert everyone following this blog by the end of 2020.

Happy Servitude Saturday! If you aren’t getting out in the community and serving, at least serve those around you with a humble, cheerful heart. But I urge you all, if you have the ability, get out into your community. Let’s reach the low and lonely and show them the true love of Christ.

February 22

6”He had one left to send, a son, whom he loved.  He sent him last of all, saying, ‘They will respect my son.’”  (Mark 12:6)

The verse above comes from the “Parable of the Tenants” where a landowner rents his vineyard out to tenants and when he sends servants to collect from the harvest the tenants beat or kill all the servants the landowner keeps sending.  This was always the easiest parable for me to understand.  God is obviously the landowner and the servants that the tenants beat or killed were the prophets of the Hebrew nation.  Last God sends His one and only Son, “whom he loved.”  As we will see tomorrow, this parable spells out exactly what the Jewish religious leaders of that time were about to do to Jesus Christ. 

Because of Jesus, the inheritance of the Kingdom of Heaven is available to everyone of any race or place on this Earth.  Jesus paved the way for both Jew and Gentile (Non-Jews) to find salvation and acceptance into His Father’s house.  But are we still pushing away the servants God continues to send into this world to help save us?  It seems that way to me.  I see more Agnostics and Atheists in my career than I ever meet strong-faith Christians.  My challenge for 2020 is to bring two people to know Christ, but it seems like I meet two new people every day that I need to help lead them to Christ.  To me, this is the fundamental error of our generation and the weak foundation our country is standing on.  We must bring more people to know Christ.  The real, grace-giving, soul-saving Christ.

Reading plan:  Mark 13

Deeper reading plan:  Joshua 1-4

Prayer and meditation:  continue to pray for your request from day 1 and thank God for sending His beloved Son to set us free.

Fitness challenge:  1 Mile Run for Time

Service Saturday:  You’ve been serving two months now, hopefully meeting new people and making new friendships.  If you haven’t opened up to the people you are serving with, then make today the day you form a lasting bond with these fellow warriors.

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