CSR Daily Devotion

Happy February 15th! Yesterday the world celebrated love. My kids were all hyped up on chocolate and candy when I got home from work. They don’t get candy a lot so they were running around the house like maniacs. I thank God everyday for my forever Valentine’s, my wife and my beautiful kids. But as the DD stated yesterday, V-Day can be a day of increased feelings of loneliness and sadness. Which is tragic, because, even those that are single, or going through a season seemingly alone, they are never truly alone. God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are always with them.

I shared Matthew West‘s The God Who Stays, yesterday, and today, I am sharing my personal favorite song off Mr. West’s new album, Brand New. It’s really hard to pick a favorite, but this song brings up a point many Americans need to realize each and every day. This point comes from the third verse in the song where Mr. West sings:

Let me tell you ’bout you, yeah, you, do you know that you’re amazing?
A one in a million masterpiece that’s in the making
You might think, ‘not me’
But every single breath, that you breathe
Is saying you are
A living, breathing, walking miracle, yeah

You are a one in six billion masterpiece in the making. But you are much more than that, because God has never created anyone like you in all history, and there will never be another like you ever made again. So what are you going to do with the living, breathing, walking miracle that you are?

February 15

12Jesus replied, “To be sure, Elijah does come first, and restores all things.  Why then is it written that the Son of Man must suffer much and be rejected?”  (Mark 9:12)

Yesterday was the infamous day of love.  We spend a lot of time thinking and preparing for that single day.  Some people go all out for the holiday, some just keep their celebrations meaningful but moderate, and some choose not to celebrate at all.  As I discussed yesterday, for some, yesterday is a cruel reminder of their loneliness.  Still others may have felt the pain of rejection during this time.  Maybe it was their first time asking someone they were interested in on a date and they were given those awkward excuses.  I’ve been there.  I’m blessed that I never have to go through the pain of rejection again.  But I should have never let that pain bother me.  Sure it is disappointing to be turned away when you express your interest in someone, but knowing that Jesus loves and cherishes all of us, even the lonely guy who can never get a date, that’s a comfort that passes all earthly levels of satisfaction.

Writing that is a lot easier than actually living that truth.  I get it.  I can say that Jesus is with you all day long, but until you actually feel Him and the Holy Spirit stirring your soul, loneliness is still loneliness.  But I know Jesus is with the lonely because He knows the pain of rejection better than any one.  He came to save the world.   He knew who He was.  He knew He was the Son of God.  He performed countless miracles to those around Him to prove He was the Son of God.  He healed thousands, fed even more, raised at least four people from the dead, and He was STILL rejected.  So yes, friends, Jesus knows what loneliness and rejection feels like.  And He is always close to the broken and weary.  Just be still and let Him in.

Reading plan:  Mark 9:30-50

Deeper reading plan:  Deuteronomy 16-18

Prayer and meditation:  continue to pray for your request from day 1 and pray for those who feel rejected by others to know they are loved and accepted by Jesus Christ.

Fitness challenge:  Cardio day.  1 mile run for time.

Serve Day:  week 7 of serving local communities!

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