CSR Daily Devotion

Yesterday I shared Elevation Church‘s weekly sermon. Today, I am proud to share another sermon from this past weekend. A very good friend of mine brought Pastor Michael Todd to my attention in September of 2019. He sent me his Crazy Faith sermon to watch and I have been following this young church leader ever since. Transformation Church is doing amazing things in Tulsa, OK, and this sermon from Sunday is the celebration of their new worship center’s grand opening and the anniversary of Pastor Todd as lead pastor of the church. This sermon is a little longer than last week, but definitely worth the time invested. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

February 12

6Then Jesus went around teaching from village to village.  7Calling the Twelve to him, he began to send out two by two and gave them authority over impure spirits.  (Mark 6:6-7)

Continuing where we left off yesterday, Jesus begins to send out His twelve disciples to go out on their own and perform many of the same miracles Jesus was performing.  They healed the sick, drove out demons, and preached the teachings of their divine Rabbi.  This practice would continue even after Jesus physically left this world.  As we saw at the end of last month, this is the Great Commission.  While we do not have the ability to perform miracles like the original Disciples did, we can still get out and spread the Gospel and the Good News.  If every Christian were to bring two people to know Christ, to truly, truly know Christ; that percentage I referred to yesterday would quickly begin to grow in the right direction.  But before Christians can do that, they need to be an accurate representation of what Christianity really is.  And that is being a kind, loving, generous, humble, brave, strong individual who worships God and walks with Jesus.  Judging others, being self-righteous, spreading discourse, consumed with narcissism, and wasteful productivity plague many of today’s Christians.  Be more like Jesus and less like the rest of the world.  This devotion has hopefully helped you realign your priorities, especially in the areas of worship and serving.  We are almost midway through February and I hope you have found a good church.  If you have a good church, I hope you have made a commitment to get more involved.  If you are already involved, I hope you are thinking of going on missions locally or globally.  If you already go on missions, I hope you are working on finding ways to help others experience the same life changing work of a missionary.  And this is just the worship aspects of being a Christian.  There is the same escalation of serving others and giving and learning the gospels/teaching the gospels.  This is the year to make bold changes and bold actions to represent Christianity in an entirely new light and set that light on the top of a hill for the whole world to see.

Reading plan:  Mark 8:1-21

Deeper reading plan:  Deuteronomy 7-9

Prayer and meditation:  continue to pray for your request from day 1 and ask God to help you reach just two people to bring them to Christ in 2020.

Fitness challenge:  Week seven of our 7×14 challenge.  2 sets of 14, nice slow movements and keep that 1-2 second pause at the apex of each rep.

1.  Standard push-up                2.  Sit-up or crunches

3.  Air squats                                4.  Hand-release push-up

5.  Leg lifts                                    6.  Lunges (7-each leg)

7.  4-count flutter kick

Mid-week journal:  who do you want to bring the Gospel to this year?  What is your plan to reach this person(s)?  Capture this in your journal so you can reflect on this mission later in the year.

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